Films Like the First Time

Amanda, Dave, and Nick have watched a lot of movies. Probably more than is healthy. But there are plenty of movies they haven’t seen. Every episode we review a movie that at least one of our hosts has seen for the very first time.

Memoriam Incubator

The Memoriam Incubator is our stream of consciousness. You will find potential new podcasts being tried out, behind the scenes audio, and quite a bit of general randomness.

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Bob After Dark

Laugh, learn, and be afraid. Join the Bob After Dark team as they discuss some of those things that go bump in the night. Ghosts, cryptids, and other supernatural forces. Take a dive into the occult, and enjoy the shadows.

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Freak of the Week

The truth is out there True Believers! Join hosts David and Elizabeth, and special guests as they uncover the truth about what creatures are out there. Freak of the Week is a completely improvised call-in show about completely made up creatures and phenomena.

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Mr. Wiggly’s Moist’N’Happy Friendship Garden

If you love great sketch comedy and great podcasts, this is your show. The writers and actors at Memoriam are slaving away, to cultivate this fantastic sketch show.

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Join host David Musto as he whores out stories from his life that he doesn’t really want to talk about but allows himself to be ridiculed for.

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From X To Z

Memoriam Development’s premier (and only) cross-generational nerd-culture podcast is here! Father/daughter team Al (Gen X) and Cal (Gen Z) Morgan geek out every week as they talk about movies, music, video games and lots more, each from their own generational perspective. Hilarity, deep analysis, and attempts to stump each other ensue!

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Surial is a criptovised (part scripted, part improvised) parody of the hit NPR podcast Serial. Follow the story of James Bludonski as he may or may not have burned down the Pi Gamma Sigma house at his school.

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The Last Days of Macho Man Will Shiflett

Will Shiflett, aged 27 years. Son to a widowed father, savaged by grief. A beloved young man of untold potential gone unrealized because of a dangerous obsession. Will Shiflett was a professional wrestling fan.
Surial Special Investigative Series attempts to follow the trail of the last days of “Macho Man” Will Shiflett.

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