166 – Sorbet Jungle Interview and Huggin’ Molly.

Bob After Dark
Bob After Dark
166 - Sorbet Jungle Interview and Huggin' Molly.

Meet Dea, a toy designer who is one part a fan of bananas, and one part a fan of crocodiles. This interest lead her to create a convention icon known as the Crocoana . Why are we interviewing a toy maker? Well, coming soon is the Colossal Mothmanana. One part Mothman, one part banana, and one part crocodile. We talk to Dea about her background in toy designing, love of spooky stuff, and now pushing out the single biggest piece of Mothman related merch on the planet that we know of. Find out all about that Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sorbetjungle/colossalnana-and-smoothie-siblings-a-croconana-kickstarter

Also, Count Panek and Bob dive into the strange and unusual world of Huggin’ Molly. A giant creature out of Alabama who is known for looking for people, specifically kids, who are out past dark. She’s known to to get close to an ear and scream at the person. We talk about several encounters with the creature.