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Surial Season 2

Coming September 21st, The second season of the insane parody of the hit podcast SERIAL. Season two of Surial follows the story of Grace Peppernickle, whose sense of duty caused an entire town to spiral into a financial depression.

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​At Elgin Fring

Memoriam Development will be bringing our original sketch show to the Elgin Fringe Festival! Come watch as we poke fun at life as we know it. If you missed this show the first time, this is your chance!
For more info on the festival, click HERE

Freak of the Week Season 2
And At Elgin Fringe

Also coming to the Elgin Fringe Festival are live recordings of our podcast Freak of the Week! Join host David Hickney as he explores all the strange phenomena that our out there. These shows will be a part of the soon to start second season of the show!

Mr. Wiggly's Moist'N'Happy Friendship Garden

Memoriam's newest podcast is coming this fall! If you love great sketch comedy and great podcasts, this is your show. The writers and actors at Memoriam are slaving away, to cultivate this fantastic new show. Mr. Wiggly premieres this fall!