042 – Helping Louisiana – The LaLaurie Mansion

042 - Helping Louisiana - The LaLaurie Mansion

Sometimes, the real world we live in, and the real physical problems we deal with far outweigh the ones we talk about on this show. Upon hearing the horrifying events that happened in Louisiana, Bob wanted to step in to help. This week, the team do something just a little different. Joining the Bob After Dark team is Ben Langlinais with the Louisiana Ghostbusters, and Brain Campbell with Impact Acadiana. They are talking about ways that we can get involved in helping with the hurricane relief, and how you can win a trip to Disney World in the process. Sometimes, scaring is caring. In honor of trying to help the state, the team talks about one of the most haunted locations in Louisiana, The LaLaurie Mansion. Learn about Americas first female serial killer, the awful legacy she left behind. Also, how one home can hold so much bad energy, that every room in the home has a story of an experience.

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