Nightshade, Memoriam Development’s annual horror anthology is making a change. Because we can’t in good conscience bring a full production to a stage, Nightshade is coming to your screens!

That’s right, the third installment of Nightshade will be a monthly series of short films released on online starting October 31st. 

The 2020 Nightshade selections are:

When the Night Wins by Alex Wilkie
Go to Sleep by Christina Meyer
What Scares an Evil Clown by Matthew Weaver
The Ultimate Redemption Plan by Sue Yocum
Save Some Room by Evan Baughfman
Not a Dark and Stormy Night by Connie Dinkler
Tick Tock by Sydne Marie Gernaat
Four Boys on the Beach by Matthew Weaver
Whispers in the Dark by Sydne Marie Gernaat

More details on the individual films coming soon.