030 – Siren Head

Bob After Dark
Bob After Dark
030 - Siren Head

Imagine you are in the deep woods, surrounded by nothing but nature. You are stranded here, and trying to find any sign of human life. In the distance, you see what looks like a telephone pole with a siren on top. The siren is playing soft music. Giving you the impression that there may be a group of people there playing the music, you head towards it. Only to see that telephone pole come to life, and start chasing you at lightning speed. You are the next victim of Siren Head. This week on Bob After Dark, Bob gets inspired by a recent phone call with a fan trying to help his kid overcome nightmares about a CreepyPasta character known as Siren Head. Learn the horrifying lore behind it, and how it is in its way to becoming the next Slenderman phenomenon.

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