024 – Gates to Hell Part 1: The United States

024 - Gates to Hell Part 1: The United States

Nearly every city in America has some part of it that has a haunting past. Whether it be the creepy house in the neighborhood or the old church, everyone told of their legends on the schoolyard. We discuss what happens when those hauntings become a bit scarier and which of these locations have a darker turn. Maybe some of them have a Gate to Hell. This week Bob and a surprise guest Patrick Harrington from Ghostly Podcast talk about some of these paranormal spots that supposedly have a Hellish portal in them. In this episode, Bob was able to get an interview with someone that actually investigated a location. James Beaulieu with the Gen and James Podcast Experience shares his story in a transcribed interview. One of the highlights to this episode is the Spider Gate Cemetery in Leicester, Massachusetts. A place with, get this, a haunted tree!

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