003 – Krampus

Bob After Dark
Bob After Dark
003 - Krampus

Been a bad boy or girl this year? Well, instead of the fat man in the red coat bringing you presents? You’re going to get a visit from the goat demon man…Krampus. The St. Nick counterpart that punishes the naughty children of the world. In old times Germany? This was standard tradition. In recent years, this creature of lore became a pop cultural phenonium. Around the holidays, it is not hard to walk into a store and see Krampus merch. He even got his own movie. A friend of the show, Kael Star of KS Paranormal, calls in and shares historic beliefs. Kael is also a member of the Milwaukee Krampus, a costuming group who makes Krampus suits and dresses up to help raise money for charity and toy drives. Kael also tells us about a festival she helps put on called, “Milwaukee Krampus Nacht” a festival celebrating the Krampus on the eve before his trip.

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