001 – The Yuki-onna

Bob After Dark
Bob After Dark
001 - The Yuki-onna

Sometime during the Muromachi period in Ancient Japan (1336-1573) there was a poet by the name of Sōgi. He claimed that he saw a woman appear during a snow storm, and then just vanish into the snow fall. This was the written account of The Yuki-Onna. The Yuki-Onna is a type of Yōkai, or a Japanese classification of ghost, demon, or even cryptid. The Yuki-Onna is a female spirit whom has supernatural abilities. Some of which relate back to some of the Native Tribes in North America call The Wendigo. Those are the deer like creatures that are able to throw their voices, cause snow storms, and various other powers. The Yuki-Onna has similar. She waits for wandering hikers and lumberjacks. Causing the sound of a woman in distress, or even a baby crying. The Yuki-Onna then waits for said person to investigate only to cause insane snow storms, and freezes the unsuspecting victims alive. This is the first episode of the podcast version of Bob After Dark, a paranormal radio show syndicated through Greater Chicago Land from WJOB.

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